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Clyde Heritage League

Dedicated to the preservation of Town of Clyde and its surrounding town's history.

Clyde Historical Museum
A unique Collection of Historical Treasures from
the Clyde area.
McPherson Home
Home of Clyde's famous
Civil War hero,
General James B. McPherson
Heritage Hall
Formerly Clyde's
Old Village Hall


Sherwood Anderson Birthday and Book Release Party September 13th

Mayor G. Scott Black presented a Proclamation.
Chairperson, Sandy French presented the Mayor with
a new book!

An autograph session was held with author and Clyde historian Dorothy Cox.

It was a great party with all the trimmings!


The League’s Annual Membership Meeting was held April 27, 2014 at the Clyde Public Library.

The program was a presentation on the life of James B. McPherson by member Jill McCullough and narrated by McPherson Middle School teacher Lucas Messer.

The annual Heritage Award was presented to Dennis & Joan Gable for care of their historic home on South Main Street.


The Ohio Local History Alliance Regional Meeting was held at the Presbyterian Church on April 12.
Special thanks to Clyde Mayor G. Scott Black for his kind words of welcome.
Applause to all the presenters, attendees, and League volunteers who assisted to make it a great day!

Meeting Sessions were held in the church Sanctuary.
Networking lunch provided by Our Town’s Brewin’ in the Fellowship Hall.
Burt Logan, Executive Director at Ohio Historical Society in Columbus presenting.
Day concludes with a visit to the Museum.

Attendees explore brochure tables. So many museums, so much history!


EXPO 2014

League President Sharon Kinnear greets a patron at the Clyde Business & Professional Association Expo held at Harvest Baptist Temple on March 29, 2014.

Curator, Brenda Stultz, models the new T-shirt available for sale showing the three properties maintained by the League.

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The Clyde Heritage League was founded by Thaddeus B. Hurd (deceased) in 1975. Membership is $5.00 annually payble on or after April, which is the organizational meeting.

Please visit and support our local community organizations.
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